About Us

Our Production

Our 50,000 sq.ft manufacturing plant consists of cutting edge production machinery such as a fully automated laser cutting system, multi axis automated press brakes, CNC punch presses, welding, polishing machines, and a very highly skilled staff with years of experience.

In addition, our designers and engineers use the latest design software to create every piece of equipment in stunning detail for our customer review and approval. Involving our clients in the design process and allowing us to manufacture high quality, certified finished products with on-time delivery schedules.

Each of our designs are built using a parametric model, meaning not only that repeated custom orders can be completed as quickly as though they were standard, but also that previously designed units can be easily modified to fit the needs of your next order.

We can also integrate various other materials such as wood, laminate, stone, glass, textured or colored metal, etc. to compliment your equipment and suit your designs.

Our Design Team

Astor will help design equipment to your specifications and ensure that it functions properly. We are always adding new innovative products to our long list of equipment. We can also assist you in the design and layout of your commercial kitchen.

Our Customers

Chain restaurants, Fast food, Cinemas, Hotels, Corporate staff Cafeterias, Hospitals, Casinos, Universities, College, Shopping malls, Sports Arena, Convention centers, Laboratories, Aerospace, Rail, Naval ships, and Residential. 

Other Services

Astor has always had the ability to take on large production sub-contracts from design to manufacturing with exact specifications using our state-of-the-art machinery for sheet metal and stainless steel.

We also provide logo cutting services. Any logo, emblem, image or text can be integrated directly into the design of any unit and cut with extreme precision by our laser.

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